Thursday, April 11, 2013

Yankee Candle Village

Jordan's Mom came to visit us after Christmas, it was so much fun!
We went up to Yankee Candle Village one of the days she was here.

 photo PC310028.jpg

They had these really cool/creeepy masks for sale. I was very tempted to bring some home...
 photo PC310031.jpg

I mean, look at these little cuties!
 photo PC310032.jpg

They had a really cool fake Christmas tree village where it was actually snowing!
 photo PC310034.jpg

They had such a neat German Christmas section too, complete with castles and all the fun German traditions! Here are the kids sitting outside the castle moats
 photo PC310036.jpg

And don't forget the candy/kids section!
 photo PC310042.jpg

We filled up our own candles. The kids loved this part!
 photo PC310044.jpg

 photo PC310046.jpg

As we were driving home we saw some buffalo off to the side of the road and it ended up being a new restaurant! So we stopped there for dinner, it was REALLY good food!
 photo PC310047.jpg


  1. You went on a blogging spree! Yay! I have been thinking about you a lot recently as I think back on when Alex was born and you were my only friend! I am so glad we were able to talk the other day.

  2. You left like 15 comments on my blog! You are crazy! If you were posting then I would leave you a lot of comments, too! What are you up to?

  3. You haven't blogged since before I had a kid. He is eight months old. So... update me!